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Submitted by admin on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 14:04

1. Annual Confidential Report for District and Sessions Judge. [PDF]

2. Annual Confidential Report for Additional District and Sessions Judge. [PDF]

3. Annual Confidential Report for Additional Sessions Judge. [PDF]

4.Annual Confidential Report for Joint District and Sessions Judge and Assistant Judge. [PDF], [DOC]

5. Annual Confidential Report for Chief Judicial Magistrate and Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. [DOC] [PDF]

6. Annual Confidential Report for Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate and Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. [PDF], [DOC]

7. Annual Confidential Report for Judicial Magistrate. [PDF], [DOC]

8. Form for foreign tour. [PDF]

9. Salary bill. [DOC] [PDF]

10. Application for earned leave admissibility form. [PDF]

11. Last salary bill statement. [PDF]

12. Article 47 [PDF]

13. Verdict Title [PDF]

14. Chalan form for bank. [Download]

15. Chalan form for treasury. [Download]

16. Form for casual leave register. [Download]

17. Annual Confidential form for stuffs. [Download]

18. Form for purchase bill. [Download]

19. Form for Court Diary register. [Download]

20. Form for causelist register. [Download]

21. Rest and recreation leave form for non-gazetted officer. [Download]

22. Monthly statement. [Download]

23. Quarterly Statement. [Download]

24. Yearly Statement. [Download]

25. Application for benevolent fund. [DOC], [PDF]

26. Monthly Statement Form. [DOC]

27. Provident fund form.[Download]

28. General Provident Fund advance application form. [Download

29. General Provident Fund final form no 663. [Download]

30. Index form. [Download]